About Thermalign Pty Ltd

At Thermalign we pride ourselves on combining our team’s vast and varied experience with new and advancing technology to provide cutting edge solutions to our client’s asset management challenges.

Drawing on over 40 years’ experience in condition monitoring, Thermalign have recently developed a multi-sensory, mobile, cloud based analytics platform for monitoring not just vibration but asset health – We call her Medusa! Medusa can take in, monitor and analyse any type of continuous data point and overlay the results to provide valuable insights into asset condition and performance.

Due to the flexibility in her application in sensory data, her ability to be located in remote areas with no need to hook her up to a power or communication point, Medusa is unlocking the traditional condition monitoring approaches for new assets such as bridges, culverts and any infrastructure asset class.

Developed and built in house, Medusa brings together decades of condition monitoring expertise into a market and solution ready application which is enabling our clients to unlock the power of condition monitoring as part of the asset management strategies.

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