About Cruisemaster

At Cruisemaster we design and manufacture products for the Caravan and Trailer Industry. We design solutions to problems in house as well as have our own testing methodology. This is important when developing products used in off-road conditions in Australia, conditions that are renowned worldwide for being the toughest to survive. We bring Automotive industry level design and development to a typically back yard industry.

In the formative stages of a product idea we do not hold ourselves back due to target pricing. We set out to make the best product possible with a focus on quality and durability. Our motto is “Without Limits” which is a reflection on not only our product development but also our attitude to manufacturing quality systems and customer service.

Our products have allowed more people (often grey nomads) to travel to remote destinations in Australia with confidence that they can get there and back without problems. Prior to our range of independent suspensions and couplings these destinations were only accessed by intrepid consumers who were prepared and able to fix broken springs and axles at the side of the road. We have unlocked the outback for more Australians.

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Andrew Goddard


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