About Conveyor Equipment Specialists P/L

We look to provide simple solutions to resolve customer challenges in an affordable manner.

How is that innovative – we start with the customer, their issue and what they want to achieve as a solution. We don’t assume an existing product is the solution, we look to identify the outcome needed, then work backwards to develop a process or product to deliver on that outcome. Then you look at the existing suite of products that can be adapted or customised or developed to achieve their outcome.

So, using the KISS process (Keep it simple stupid) we don’t just adapt the application of an existing product to satisfy a customer challenge, we look to what we need to achieve in creating a solution with simple manufacturing processes; or changing their existing processes to eliminate the issue or challenge.

OUR CES PIPE Monorail system is adaptable and flexible (like a roller coaster) it can suit diverse confined space transport movement issues. As the trolleys have a low co-efficiency of friction they don’t jam up or suffer failure like I-Beam systems. End users develop their own accessories to utilise the flexibility the Pipe monorail system so it empowers them be innovative in their use of the CES Monorail system.

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